Gotcha with Activerecord Import and Kiba

4 minute read

Sometimes, convention might become a problem🤷‍♂️

Let’s say we have a fetch job using Kiba. It fetches records from DB:FROM to DB:TO, as long as there are newer records from DB:FROM. By ‘newer’ records, which means bigger updated_at value.

Later, we add an import job using Activerecord-Import, which might perform before the fetch job. Recently, we found some of our fetch jobs are not functioning anymore, but the updated_at were newer, though. After some digging, we finally know the reason.

By default, Activerecord-Import will update the updated_at column. This means if the import job is performed before a fetch job, the updated_at will get accidentally updated. Then the fetch job will consider no newer records. So either we make sure the import job is performed after the fetch job, or we tell Activerecord-Import to stay out of business, by using timestamps: false.

-      CrmCustomer.import records
+      CrmCustomer.import records, timestamps: false



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